Course Title: Trade, Food Security and Nutrition
Course Dates: 11 May to 12 June, 2020
Registration Status: OPEN
Registration deadline: 22 April, 2020

FAO work on trade

Trade in most agricultural commodities is expected to expand, trade rules are becoming more complex and some countries are using trade instruments in times of food crises to guarantee food supplies for their own people. Trade policies can have significant implications for food security, nutrition and employment.

FAO supports countries’ effective engagement in the formulation of trade agreements that are conducive to improved food security by strengthening evidence on the implications of changes in trade policies, providing capacity development in the use of this evidence, and facilitating neutral dialogue away from the negotiating table.

The use of digital technologies can simplify trade processes, facilitate trade of safer food and the integration of small producers into global markets. FAO analyzes and builds evidence on innovations for agri-food trade and supports countries in the creation of an enabling environment that will enable them to adapt to digital trade and benefit from it.

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